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Welcome to Gamescodex,
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What is Gamescodex?

If you've ever played or wanted to play a game but felt like you needed to know more about it - be it a classic Board or card game, a retro arcade game, an ultra-modern video game or anything in between - or you're interested to know about the different genres of gaming or the people behind them, Gamescodex is the site for you.

Formerly known as Gamerpedia until November 2011, Gamescodex's mission is to create a comprehensive Encyclopaedia geared towards sharing information about games and gaming-related topics from all around the World; which is fully online and constantly added to, edited and moderated by YOU, the game-playing public, for the benefit of everyone who ever wanted to get closer to the world of gaming past, present and future. But Gamescodex is not just a single project - rather, it's a collaboration of many different projects, created by many different people, each focusing on its own area of expertise - for example, there is one of our oldest groups, Project Strategedia, which writes Strategy guides. Though all different, all of these groups are working towards the same goal, and it is by working together that Gamescodex continues to grow day by day.

The way we achieve this is by sticking to the concept of keeping everything free - free as in speech and free as in beer. Every part of Gamescodex is available to be read, edited and used without a penny ever being taken from your pocket. To accomplish this, Gamescodex uses sponsored advertising and user donations to pay hosting and domain costs, so that you are never forced to give what you can't afford. We try to keep these as non-intrusive as possible, so that nothing gets in the way of you and the information you're looking for. Further, Gamescodex is a public Wiki, meaning anyone can add to or change content on almost any topic, or create whole new topics, in order to make the Encyclopaedia better.

This is where YOU can help out, too. Notice a mistake in an article or think you can add something? Just click the "Edit" link at the top of the article, and you can make changes to it for everyone to see! Or, if you have something new to add, search for it, and click the "create this page" link that appears when told it doesn't exist. The beauty of the Wiki environment is that everyone can work together so that any contribution can be improved by anyone - so be bold, and don't be afraid to make a change, no matter how small it may be. If you need further help, check out the Help pages.

Messages from Team Codex

August 16, 2019

Following the launch of our Discord Server in November, Team Codex have been looking into further integrating the chat platform with our Wiki. We're pleased to announce that as of today, if you are in our #general chatroom, you will now see notifications about new articles and edits posted throughout Gamescodex. Never miss a beat!

August 15, 2019

Gamescodex has just undergone a huge upgrade, bringing it bang up-to-date with current Wiki standards; overhauling our spam prevention techniques; and introducing all new features!

November 11, 2018

In one of a series of moves to modernise Gamescodex for a new era, as of today Team Codex have officially launched a new Discord server, allowing our many readers, editors and donors to communicate with one another in a modern, gaming-oriented voice and text chat platform. This move follows the depreciation of our IRC Server, which is no longer in operation. You can find out more about Discord and how to join our server at Gamescodex:Discord, or through the link on the left side of each page.

Past Messages

How you can help!

Gamescodex is designed to bring together the contributions of the general public; and joining in is simple and straightforward - you don't even have to create an account if you don't want to (but please read Gamescodex:Why Register? for good reasons why you may like to consider doing so).

Most of the time, the simplest way to help Gamescodex is either to help improve an existing article (by adding more information, correcting mistakes, adding sources etc); or write a new one if you know about a game we don't have covered. You can change an article at any time by clicking the "edit" tab that appears at the top of the article (a few articles may be temporarily or permanently closed to editing to prevent vandalism); or if you type in the name of an article that doesn't yet exist, you will be given the option to create it.

Here are some other ways you can also help out Gamescodex:

  • There are some articles that we don't have written yet, that because they are linked to by a large number of other articles, we really need done. You can take a look at our wanted articles and see if you can write a little on one yourself.
  • Some articles are too short or too incomplete to be useful - we call these Stub Articles. You can flesh them out by adding more detailed information to help make them longer and more useful.
  • Give pages that don't have categories attached to them, appropriate categories for their content.
  • For categories that don't have a description written, write a brief description of what that category should contain.
  • Upload and add pictures to longer articles that can use them.
  • Donate a little money to help Gamescodex pay its bills.
  • Know any tips, tricks or secrets about a game, or have a more strategic approach to games? Check out Project Strategedia for even more ways to help!

Did you know...

Facts from Gamescodex's hottest articles:
  • The oldest-known Board Game to ever be discovered, is believed to be over 5,500 years old?
  • That early copies of Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version, that were due to be sold in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and parts of Belgium, were found to have a saving glitch; and patched versions of these games were only released a week after the game hit the rest of Europe?
  • That Mario Party 2 reused a number of mini-games from the original Mario Party, although many were redesigned?
  • That the game Pokémon Stadium as released worldwide is actually the second Pokémon Stadium game, and was preceded by a much more basic version of the game that was only released in Japan?
  • The PokéWalker can be considered a modern remake of the 90's toy Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS (known outside the US as Pokémon Pikachu Color)?
  • 26 Gold-coloured game cartridges were given out by Nintendo as part of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, but only 12 are known to still exist?
  • That you can play as Luigi in New Super Mario Bros.?
  • That Howard Lincoln, president of Nintendo of America, was reported to have disliked Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels because "it did little to innovate the franchise"?
  • That although Pong is considered by many to be the world's first commercially-released videogame, this honour is actually held by Computer Space, which was released commercially 12 months before?
  • That Super ZZT, the sequel to ZZT, was largely unpopular compared to its predecessor, and has even been described as a "poor man's" game?
  • That Kula World, A PlayStation Game released in 1998, was the first game to use the Vibration Feature of the original Dual-Shock PlayStation Controllers?